Glass beaker with water spout inside
Mrs. Hassam is an Honour Specialist Chemistry teacher at AYJ. Her teaching subjects include both Grade 11 and 12 Chemistry. Mrs. Hassam went into teaching chemistry because it's pHun. Her best friend is "Milli Mole" who is featured on this site. Her most prized possesions are her tie-dye lab coat and matching goggles. One day she hopes to be a "molelionaire". Mrs. Hassam would like to invite all students to walk through the A.Y. Jackson CHEMISTRY HALL OF FAME to get a sense of how chemistry is part of everyday life.
Office: Chemistry
Extension: 20098
Favourite Quote:
"The Mole The Merrier"
Favourite Quote:
To get all students "molevated" in Chemistry.
Favourite Sports:
Pin the nose on the mole and the 6.02 relay.